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Top Drawer Hydroponics Nutrients are a specifically formulated for growing abundant vegetative crops with exceptional growth.
Top Drawer Micro, Grow and Bloom; offer a complete, professionally formulated, highly concentrated fertilizing agents for the everyday gardener. Top Drawer ‘s compliment of Organic Nutrient Additives and Flower Booster combined with our proprietary 3 part liquid nutrient s provide all the necessary micro and macro nutrients to ensure your success every time!
Top Drawer Hydroponics offers a complete balance of nutrients in the essential form, assuring unsurpassed growth while achieving maximum yield. An added feature of Top Drawer Hydroponics 3 Part liquid Nutrients is our custom pH buffering added in every batch , eliminating the need for constant pH adjustments. Growers are able to reduce clean up and spend more time enjoying the benefits of Top Drawer Hydroponics Nutrients pH buffered nutrients. This remarkable three-part fertilizer is easy to mix and control, with simple to follow mixing instructions printed on every label.


With Top Drawer Hydroponics Nutrients there are no secrets and no guesswork required to achieve exceptional results. Top Drawer Hydroponics is committed to researching and developing various products and technologies for enhancing plant growth while protecting the environment.
Top drawers hydroponics line was developed by a fertilizer specialist with over 10 years experience.Numerous studies have been carried out and at the micro and macro nutrient level to aid us in determining the optimum fertilizer formulation for your growing needs.


1 Year Compassion Club Membership - $129
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